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Give-a-Way or Throw-a-Way

A huge party highlight for many (often younger) guests are the opportunity to collect giveaways on the dance floor. You know those inflatables, hats, sunglasses, necklaces, etc. These are definitely a fun and exciting element of many parties, but are they necessary?

We believe that they are definitely a fun addition many types of parties. However, we have some additional thoughts.

Often times at a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Birthday, Sweet 16, etc. when the event is over and you and your guests are gone we are still completing our "take down" process. This is our opportunity to see what has been left behind by your guests.

Our experience has shown that some of the most common items that guests leave behind are;

- Maracas (often left broken on the dance floor.)

- Bead Necklaces (guests tend to forget about them and leave by their tables.)

- Plastic Hats (however, fabric and baseball caps are always taken home)

- Small Light up Balls/Novelties (these items tend to get lost and forgotten about)

We recommend the following items when deciding on which giveaways to purchase.

- Glow sticks (Especially the foam varieties are always taken home, and add a definite WOW factor to the dance floor)

- Inflatable Instruments (guitars, saxophones, microphones, etc. are always loved by guests. They also are a ton of fun during popular songs to sing to)

- Sunglasses (we find that guests tend to take these with them, especially when they are colorful or unique)

If you do plan to have Give-A-Ways at your event consider our suggestions. Parties without any type of giveaway are also just as fun and memorable. It is important to know you, your guests, and the atmosphere you are trying to create.

Contact us today, to learn more about Give-A-Way props and to book your next event.

Party On!

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